WildEarth Guardians’ Climate and Energy Program Interactive Maps

Check out our growing collection of interactive maps:



Future of Bears Ears National Monument at Risk From Fracking (created April 25, 2017)




Photo tour of Spring Creek and Decker coal mines in the Powder River Basin of southeastern Montana (created April 18, 2017)




Trump Giveaway of Public Lands to the Oil and Gas Industry in 2017 (created April 10, 2017)




Lawsuit Filed to Defend Climate, Health, and American Public Lands From Fracking (created August 25, 2016)





New Mexico Auctioning Off Public Lands For Fracking, July 2016 (created April 28, 2016)




Bowie Resources: A New Climate Threat Emerges (created December 17, 2015)




The Arch Coal Loophole (created December 14, 2015)





Keep it in the Ground: Our Coal and the Opportunity to Protect the Climate (created December 3, 2015)




BLM Proposing More Oil and Gas Leasing Along Colorado’s Front Range (created February 18, 2015)




Fracking Photo Tour of the Rocky Mountains (created February 5, 2015)



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