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Transparency Squad Update-June 2017

This month has been crazy awesome in terms of our efforts to enforce transparency under President Trump and shine the brightest spotlight possible on his corrupt plans to sell our public lands, our climate, and our future off to the fossil fuel industry. Using the Freedom of Information […]

Defending Bears Ears National Monument

As we’ve written about before, the Bears Ears National Monument is sadly under assault by President Trump and Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke and their zeal to hand over our public lands to the oil and gas industry. In April, Zinke had the audacity to ask for public […]

Biting Back on Illegal Coal Sales

UPDATE: On September 11, 2017, the Interior Department’s Office of Hearings and Appeals rejected the Bureau of Land Management’s petition asking for illegally approved coal decisions to be upheld. This is great news and means that we can move forward on confronting past illegal coal leasing and continue […]

Transparency Squad Update-May 2017

It’s no secret that WildEarth Guardians’ Climate and Energy Program is stepping up to enforce transparency under the Trump Administration. Using the Freedom of Information Act we’ve been exercising our right to know what our government is doing and why, and to share that information with the public. […]

Download Them Before They’re Taken Away!

As Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke take aim at our American National Monuments, we thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the most stunning photos of the most at-risk National Monuments and to leave you with a plea: Download them and share them widely!  Below are […]