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Coal to Liquids = Climate Catastrophe

UPDATE:  April 21, 2017 may very well be the official day that DKRW’s coal-to-liquids plans died for good.  On that day, the U.S. Interior Department officially rescinded a coal lease that Arch Coal had obtained from the federal government to start a new mine that would have fueled […]

Decorative Coal Landscaping? Anyone?

Coal is mined for one reason:  to be burned. It’s not used for decorative landscaping.  It’s not used for building material.  It’s certainly not used for jewelry.  Whether it’s for power (the primary use) or industrial purposes (steel, cement, etc.), the bottomline is, coal is mined to be […]

Greenhouse Gas Cover Up at Interior

In spite of President Obama’s 2009 Executive Order calling on federal agencies to “inventory, report, and adopt targets for reducing their direct and indirect GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions,” our federal government is now trying to cover up over a billion tons of greenhouse gases that it is directly responsible […]