Time for EPA to Come Clean on Methane

It’s only Wednesday and it’s already been a busy week on the issue of methane, a  greenhouse gas that’s like carbon on steroids and is released extensively in the production of fossil fuels: There’s been ongoing coverage of our court victory last Friday overturning Arch Coal’s plans to expand […]

Coal to Liquids = Climate Catastrophe

UPDATE:  April 21, 2017 may very well be the official day that DKRW’s coal-to-liquids plans died for good.  On that day, the U.S. Interior Department officially rescinded a coal lease that Arch Coal had obtained from the federal government to start a new mine that would have fueled […]

It’s About Time

That I posted something, yes.  The blog has been pretty dormant for a year or so now, but I’m going to try to pick things up again now and get the word out about what’s news in the American West when it comes to climate change.  And by […]