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Stand With us to Defend Our Public Lands From Fracking Pipelines

37112331845_449238a5f0_bLast week, WildEarth Guardians filed suit over the Trump Administration’s failure to inspect 120,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines on American public lands.

As part of our legal confrontation, we also demanded the Administration impose a moratorium on new pipeline approvals on public lands unless and until the safety of all existing pipelines can be assured.

Now, we need your help to win this battle, safeguard our lands, and turn the tide against fracking on our public lands.

Stand with us today! Click here and sign the petition to demand the Trump Administration stop selling out our health, our safety, and environment to the oil and gas industry!

While battles over Keystone XL and other important pipeline fights are flaring up, our public lands are facing a lesser known, yet equally insidious threat.

After several years of investigating, we uncovered that thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines on our public lands are going uninspected, contrary to the U.S. Mineral Leasing Act.

Many of these pipelines are tied to huge oil and gas production fields in the American West, where the federal government has turned once-undeveloped public lands into industrial wastelands.

Public lands matter. They’re the source of drinking water for millions of Americans. They sustain clean air and open space. They provide habitat for fish and wildlife. They are used for out recreation. And in many places, public lands are right next to communities.


The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in Montana, among the public lands threatened by dangerous oil and gas pipelines.

On all pipeline fronts, both on and off public lands, we need to stand together and demand an end to fossil fuel giveaways.

An uninspected pipeline is a dangerous pipeline and it cannot be allowed.

Sign our petition today and tell the Administration that we won’t tolerate our public lands being turned into dangerous oil and gas sacrifice zones!