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A Look at the 3.8 Million Acres of Western Public Lands on the Auction Block for Fracking

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We just wrote about how the Trump Administration so far in 2018 has has put and plans to put more than 3.8 million acres of our American public lands on the auction block for fracking.

See for yourself where these lands are located, click here to access an online interactive map >>

Among the lands slated to be sold to the oil and gas industry are some of Wyoming’s wildest high desert landscapes, southern Utah’s Red Rock Country, vast expanses of Nevada’s Great Basin, New Mexico’s Greater Chaco region and more.


Whitehorse Creek Wilderness Study Area in Wyoming, an area at risk from the Trump Administration’s unprecedented plans to auction public lands for fracking.

This massive giveaway is unprecedented and it confirms that President Trump’s U.S. Bureau of Land Management is no longer in the business of stewarding public lands. Instead, it’s clear they’re business is now about using our lands to pad the assets of oil and gas companies.

As we’ve highlighted, already more of our western public lands are leased to the oil and gas industry than are protected as National Parks. That the Bureau of Land Management is trying to auction even more lands away just underscores how the agency has no interest in balanced management.

And with industry actually producing oil and gas from less than half of the lands it already has, it’s clear the agency’s aim is not to encourage more oil and gas production. Rather, the Bureau of Land Management appears to be advancing a shameful de facto privatization scheme.

In any case, if this liquidation of our public lands shocks you as much as it does us, then speak out today. Click here to share your perspective with the Trump Administration and help us push back against the Bureau of Land Management’s plans to turn our public lands into private oil and gas disaster zones.

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