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Are You a Member of a Rural Electric Co-op Served by Tri-State? SPEAK OUT!

9519887230_9ce10dd26a_o (1)As we recently wrote, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is more than 70% reliant on fossil fuels and worse, is passing on the costs of expensive coal and natural gas to its 43 member electric cooperatives in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

If you’re a member of one of Tri-State’s member cooperatives, now is your chance to push back (Not sure if you’re a member? Check out the map of Tri-State’s service area).

Sign the petition today and tell Tri-State to stop relying on costly fossil fuels and start embracing affordable renewable energy. Tell them to get behind real energy independence and local economic development.

Because of the truth is, if Tri-State is going to continue relying on fossil fuels and forcing its members to pay the costs, it’s a recipe for disaster. With the cost of solar, wind, and even storage plummeting, staying hooked on coal and natural gas will only cost rural communities in the American West.

If you’re a member of a rural electric cooperative served by Tri-State and you want your electricity rates to go down, you want more economic development, and you want more energy independence, then this petition is for you.

Sign today and let’s keep building the pressure for Tri-State to change!

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