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Coalition Pushes Back Against Yellowstone Fracking Plans


Livingston, Montana faces fracking right at its doorstep.

Earlier this week, WildEarth Guardians joined a coalition in calling on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to back down from plans to open the door for fracking in the Greater Yellowstone region of southwestern Montana.

As we wrote before, unbelievably the Trump Administration is moving to auction off public lands for fracking in the Beartooth Mountains, along the Yellowstone and Clarks Fork Rivers, and even next to the town of Livingston, Montana.

Together with the Park County Environmental Council, Montana Environmental Information Center, Western Environmental Law Center, Earthworks, Center for Biological Diversity, 350 Montana, and Preserve the Beartooth Front, we filed an objection to these fracking plans.

In detailed comments, we highlighted how the Bureau of Land Management’s plans run afoul of federal law and defy common sense public lands management.

In the meantime, we’re all continuing to get the word out about these misguided fracking plans and rallying opposition. If you haven’t yet, send a letter to the Bureau of Land Management and join the chorus of Americans opposing fracking in the Greater Yellowstone region.

And in the meantime, check out the post and video our friends at the Park County Environmental Council put together highlighting the threat of fracking to Livingston and its surrounding public lands. Definitely check out their video and see what’s at stake here. And, as always, stay tuned for updates.

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