They’re Our Future And They’re Stepping Up

WildEarth Guardians has been working closely with Our Children’s Trust to compel climate action in New Mexico and elevate and empower the kids of the state to make it happen.

And this past August, 28 youth bravely and honestly spoke out before the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board in an effort to convince them to move forward with rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the state. Because even kids know we can’t wait for political leadership on climate change.

Sadly, the Board, which is dominated by oil and gas industry interests, didn’t just deny their requests, they silenced them.

See for yourself how these kids stepped up in such amazing ways to speak truth to power and put their future first in advocating for the climate. They deserve a tremendous amount of respect and support. 

Despite the setback, we haven’t lost yet. Together with Our Children’s Trust and these kids, we’re going to continue to press the State of New Mexico to start taking seriously its responsibility to future generations and the public trust.


In the meantime, be inspired, be empowered, and don’t despair. With amazing kids like this, there is tremendous hope for our future.



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