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Greater Chaco: An Update From Rebecca Sobel

SONY DSCRebecca Sobel is not only WildEarth Guardians’ Senior Climate and Energy Campaigner, she’s our leading on-the-ground expert and advocate for the Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico. As we’ve written about before, Greater Chaco is under siege by fracking. WildEarth Guardians, together with a broad coalition, has been working tirelessly to push back, protect the cultural integrity of this sacred region, and advance a transition away from fossil fuels.

Our resistance comes as the Navajo Nation and Pueblo Tribes in New Mexico are increasingly speaking out against unchecked fracking in Greater Chaco.

I sat down with Rebecca to get a quick update on our campaign to defend Greater Chaco. Click below, listen for yourself, and get the scoop on how things are going, where we see things headed, and what we think the future holds for this region.


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  1. Thank you for this update. The serious impact that this fracking will have on the native lands and the cultural resources of the area are heartbreaking, and making my blood boil. I am a former archeologist, and now a photographer, and have extensively photographed much of the Chaco area in over a dozen visits in the past 5 years. If you are interested, I would gladly share any of my pictures to help in the efforts to curtail fracking in the Chaco region.