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Denver Post Peddling Climate Denial

UPDATE: Check out the letters in response to the Denver Post’s bizarre, climate denying op-ed, including one from former Colorado Senator, Tim Wirth.

DSCN4630In spite of undeniable evidence that human activities are fueling global warming and triggering extreme climate changes right here and right now, according to the Denver Post–one of the largest newspapers in the Rocky Mountain West and arguably one of the most important opinion leaders in the region–climate change is only a “distant threat.”

The bizarre platform was pushed in an attempt to discredit our efforts to shut down coal mines and help advance a transition to clean energy in the American West and beyond. It was a sad reflection of how disconnected the Denver Post is from reality.  But more importantly, it was a sad reflection of just how disconnected the Post is from the their own reporting and own facts.

On Twitter, WildEarth Guardians friend Ted Zukoski, an attorney with the public interest environmental law firm, Earthjustice, highlighted just how unbelievably inconsistent the Denver Post’s opinion is with a series of recent stories. The thread is most definitely worth the read, check it out for yourself:

The Denver Post may have no clue what it reports on, but that doesn’t change the reality that we can’t possibly protect our climate by supporting more coal mining. The truth is, we have to keep our fossil fuels in the ground if we have any chance moving our nation and the world to clean energy.