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Updated Chaco Map Highlights On-The-Ground Threats, Opportunities

35511103471_f91717c1ed_oIf you haven’t yet checked out our interactive map highlighting the threat of fracking in the Greater Chaco region, you should do so now.

Because we just added a new layer to this map enabling you to take an interactive photo tour of the region, including of some of its protected ruins and other Ancestral Puebloan sites, as well as some of the fracking disaster that’s befallen the area.

The update comes as we recently filed our latest brief in a lawsuit defending Greater Chaco from ramped up fracking.

Click here and check the map out, see for yourself how this iconic and renowned cultural landscape is at risk.

Our plan is to keep updating this map with photos so you can get a comprehensive, on-the-ground perspective of the stakes we’re facing.

And if you have photos you’re willing to share and that you’d like us to incorporate into the map, e-mail them to us, we’d love to include themThe only thing that’s required is for the photos to be geotagged so we can precisely plot their location.

With Chaco Culture National Historical Park at its core, the Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico is the cultural heart of the American Southwest. Throughout the region, the Ancestral Puebloan peoples built and sustained a thriving civilization more than a thousand years ago.

While new Indigenous communities have taken root in the area, including the Navajo, the remains of the Chacoan civilization continue to inspire and inform today.

Spurred by horizontal drilling and fracking technology, the oil and gas industry has been pushing to drill closer and closer to Chaco Canyon.  Sadly, President Trump and his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, have been more than willing to accommodate these demands and sacrifice Greater Chaco.

Even amid protests from Navajo communities and calls for restraint from Indigenous leaders, Trump and Zinke continue to rubberstamp more fracking.

And even in spite of the Interior Department committing to protect a 10-mile buffer around Chaco Culture National Historical Park, industry is continuing to drill and frack in this area.chaco map shotOur map hopefully helps to give you a sense of what’s at stake in the Greater Chaco region.

While much has been lost, there is hope for a new and brighter future. Together with allies in the region, we’re both in court working to defend Chaco and on the frontlines building support for developing clean energy and protecting this vital cultural landscape. The need for action and support is urgent.

Learn more, get informed, get inspired, and join us as we push for a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future for Greater Chaco and its Indigenous communities.

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