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635 Oil and Gas Industry “Incidents” in New Mexico Since January 1, 2017

NM oil and gas incidents mapCheck out our latest interactive map of oil and gas industry “incidents” reported in the State of New Mexico since January 1, 2017, click on the image above or click here and explore for yourself.

In total, 635 “incidents,” ranging from oil spills to fires to “other” spills and releases have been reported so far this year.  That’s an average of nearly three incidents per day so far, and it really underscores just how risky, dirty, and dangerous it is to produce oil and gas.

As this map shows, most “incidents” in New Mexico occur in either the Permian Basin of the southeast or in the Greater Chaco region in the northwest.  It emphasizes that in these areas, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live in, is truly under siege at all times whenever the oil and gas industry is present.

These reports come on the heels of over 1,300 oil and gas spills reported in New Mexico in 2016.  If trends continue in 2017, it seems we’ll be poised to see the same level of environmental destruction as reported 2016.

Worse, these reports come as oil and gas production “incidents” have already taken a tremendous toll on the health and well being of communities in New Mexico.  Last summer, a series of oil tank explosions rocked the Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico, forcing evacuations of Navajo residents and fouling the air and land for days.


Oil well explosion in Greater Chaco region in July 2016.  Photo by Kendra Pinto.

The fact that the oil and gas industry is constantly spilling, discharging, exploding, and polluting just adds to the body of evidence that we have to move beyond fossil fuels.  There is no other industry on this planet where society would tolerate such a consistently reckless regard for health and sustainability.  Importantly, it’s abhorrent in this day of age that we cannot produce energy without putting lives at stake, without putting poisons in our air and water, and without risking our communities.

It’s time to keep our oil and gas in the ground and WildEarth Guardians remains committed to making that happen.

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  1. This is preposterous,and it really can’t continue. Is there no way we can stop this?when you come right down to it it is actually a form of attack on American people and the land, water and air that are now poisoned. I still think that Massive fines for every spill, leak, fire etc. Should be levied.