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Thank You, Wyoming


Photo by Harry Schimke

Thank you, Wyoming.

In your latest legal filing opposing WildEarth Guardians’ challenge to new coal mining in the Powder River Basin, the largest coal producing region in the United States, you offered some rare praise.  In a brief filed in federal court, you remarked:

As sure as the sun will rise, when the federal government makes a decision related to coal mining, WildEarth Guardians will take issue with it.

Wyoming, everything you’re saying is true and we appreciate the acknowledgment.  Because the reality is, WildEarth Guardians is defending the climate day in and day out by confronting new federal coal approvals.  As sure as the sun will rise, we will be there, taking issue with costly, destructive, and misguided decisions by our federal government to allow more coal mining.

Thank you, Wyoming, for recognizing our diligent efforts to keep coal in the ground, defend our climate, and help advance a clean energy future for the American West.