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Broken Promises Won’t Stall Climate Progress

UPDATE:  Well it’s official, Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement. Our goal now? Shut down the fossil fuel industry. We can do it. We can’t afford not to.


Although there’s much speculation this morning, the writing on the wall seems crystal clear:  Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

The move slaps reality in the face, pisses on the poor and vulnerable, and throws common sense and decency under the bus. It’s an affront to the progress we’ve made in curtailing carbon pollution and stabilizing our global climate. It’s beyond a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. It’s even worse as it makes all-too-clear the President’s absolute lack of compassion or care for the living world and our future generations.

And you know what, I think that’s a good thing.

The fact is, by withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, Trump is only going to make the global movement to protect our climate stronger, more determined, and, frankly, more effective than ever before.

With not even a semblance of care for the climate and reining in the fossil fuel industry, Trump is handing us our biggest gift:  liberation. He’s given us full license to uncompromisingly fight back against the fossil fuel industry and to zealously and doggedly defend our values and our beliefs. We now have the space to demand what’s right, not what’s practical, and to unapologetically put our values, not pragmatism, first.

Sure, we’ve got a fight ahead of us. Emboldened by the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the fossil fuel industry is going to attempt to dig in and buy itself a few more years. We’re sure to see a ramp up in proposals for fracking and coal mining, especially on our public lands here in the American West.

But the reality is, by breaking America’s Paris promises, Trump has hobbled the oil and gas and coal industries. He’s single-handedly branded every coal company and every oil and gas company as 100% climate deniers who are 100% at odds with global economic and political will and even with the majority of Americans.

For companies that have tried to play nice and maybe even tried to work within the Paris agreement, they’re hosed. While companies like Exxon and BP, and even coal miners like Cloud Peak Energy, urged Trump to remain committed, they now have no cover. Unless these companies explicitly commit themselves to advancing the Paris agreement, they’re nothing more than complicit accomplices in Trump’s attacks on our climate and our communities.

In a sense, Trump has declared total war on the climate and his army includes the likes of Exxon, BP, Peabody Energy, Cloud Peak Energy, and many, many more. Whether they like it or not, they’ve now been recruited.

For the climate movement, it means the gloves can finally come off. No more false pretenses. No more games. No more politics. We’re unchained at this point and we have complete freedom to make the demise of the fossil fuel industry our singular goal and priority in life and living.

For WildEarth Guardians, this is a refreshing moment. It breathes new life, urgency, and credibility into our campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground, to shutdown the coal and oil and gas industries, and to secure a 100% clean energy future as quickly as possible.

Yes, today is disappointing. But there is truly a bright side and a new, unprecedented opportunity. It’s now up to seize it with more passion and resolve than we’ve ever mustered before.

#BeyondParis #KeepItInTheGround

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  1. trump is a crass, ignorant, lying narcissist who must be impeached if no one can trust anything he says from one day to the next. We cannot continue to support his disruction & dismantling so many areas of government, while not perfect & can be mightly improved, are a genuine efgort to protect & improve our lives & our country while protecting us from corporate greed which seems to allow toxic cintamination of our air, soil & water with no concern for the immediate or long term impact on our health nor fetal anomalies.