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Shut Down the San Juan Mine, Start Up a Bright Future


Now is your chance to help advance real transition from coal in the American West and beyond.  Send a letter today and tell the Trump Administration it’s time to shut down New Mexico’s San Juan coal mine and move the region toward a future of clean energy and more sustainable and prosperous economies.

This really is an unprecedented opportunity.  The San Juan mine fuels the San Juan Generating Station, a massive coal-fired power plant in the Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico.  In the last month, the owner of the Generating Station, Public Service Company of New Mexico, or PNM, announced it intends to shut down the power plant by 2022.

Whether Trump likes it or not, the reality is, coal is going away.  And it’s not just at the San Juan mine, it’s throughout the Four Corners region of the American Southwest and beyond.  Our message to the Administration is simple:  acknowledge the reality of coal’s decline and plan for transition.

Send a letter today, take action.  Your voice will help make a difference, not only in keeping coal in the ground and safeguarding our climate, but also in helping to create a better future for our nation and our world.

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