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Navajo Nation Hosts Fracking Hearing

Public Hearing May 8.pngThis Monday, May 8, the Navajo Nation Council is hosting the first of hopefully many public forums on the impacts of fracking in the Greater Chaco region.  The forum will take place at the Counselor Chapter House.

The forum comes on the heels of mounting support for protecting Greater Chaco from fracking and defending Navajo communities in the region.

Earlier last month, Navajo Nation Council Delegate Jonathan Hale introduced legislation to oppose fracking across the Nation in defense of environmental and public health.

The proposed legislation comes as the Navajo Nation President and Vice President last February called on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to place a moratorium on new fracking in the Greater Chaco region.

Although this ask has sadly gone ignored by the Trump Administration, it speaks volumes to the growing wave of opposition to fracking and support for environment, public health, and a transition from fossil fuels.

Just consider the recent announcement by both the Navajo Nation and All Pueblo Council of Governors of their united opposition to fracking in the Greater Chaco region.  

At Monday’s hearing at the Counselor Chapter House, community members will have a chance to express their concerns and experiences with water pollution, dust pollution caused by heavy truck traffic, unsafe transportation, desecration of unmarked sacred sites and herbs, toxic air from flaring and other related health symptoms.  

The space at the Counselor Chapter House is limited inside and reserved for community members, but we’re supporting requests to demonstrate solidarity outside. More information can be found on

And if you can’t make it in person, you can still help.  If you haven’t yet, send a message to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and tell them to protect Greater Chaco, secure environmental justice, and adopt a moratorium on new fracking.