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Unbelievable Giveaway to the Coal Industry

DSCN4248You absolutely are not going to believe this.

Arch Coal has demanded that President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke refund the company millions of dollars that it’s already paid U.S. taxpayers and the State of Colorado.

And unbelievably, Trump and Zinke seem willing to do it.

It’s the worst kind of coal giveaway you can imagine, but it seems exactly what President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke want to do:  steal from Americans to pay coal executives.

We’re calling on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to stand up to this robbery.  If you’re a Coloradan, weigh in today and tell the Governor to defend Colorado’s clean energy future from this insane coal giveaway.  If you’re not from Colorado, read it anyway and be outraged and know that we’re doing everything possible to try to derail this hand out.

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