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Big Win for Public Lands, Climate

Saved From Fracking RMNPThis is a major victory for our public lands, our climate, and our western air and water.

In response to an outpouring of public opposition, including a pointed appeal from Grand County, Colorado, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management withdrew its plans to sell off nearly 30,000 acres of public lands for fracking in western Colorado.

As we commented earlier, this public lands giveaway put Rocky Mountain National Park at risk, as well as the Colorado River.

It’s a big win for public lands supporters and for our climate.

And it’s a glimmer of common sense that we hope President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will embrace more broadly.  Here, the Bureau of Land Management declined to sell public lands for fracking in Grand County because of a lack of genuine oil and gas industry interest in development.

Right now, there are vast acres of public lands in the American West that are set to be sold to the oil and gas industry where there is equally little to no chance of development.

And while this is a major victory, Trump and Zinke seem bent on denying climate change and continuing to let the oil and gas industry control as much of our public lands as they want.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at our series of maps showing where public lands are slated to be sold for fracking in 2017.

We have our work still cut out for us, but let’s celebrate this win in the meantime.

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