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Priorities of Trump’s Bureau of Land Management Abundantly Clear

In case you missed it, Trump’s Bureau of Land Management made a subtle, yet pretty significant shift in its visual focus on its website. Gone is the image of a wholesome American family visiting and enjoying their public lands. In its place, a thick, dirty, dusty, grimy coal seam in the bottom of a coal mine.

Don’t get too discouraged, though. The Bureau of Land Management has kept its Flickr page alive, featuring unbelievably beautiful images of the new Bears Ears National Monument, Gold Butte National Monument, wildlife, and more of our public lands. Check ’em out if you haven’t. They really are amazing.


It’s sad that the Bureau of Land Management, under the leadership of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, is trying to send the message to Americans that their public lands are only good for strip mining for coal or fracking. Fortunately, not even Secretary Zinke can hide the beauty and inspiration of our American public lands. And not even Secretary Zinke is going to convince Americans that our public lands should be given away to the coal and oil and gas industries.