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We must be getting to PNM.

After a successful protest yesterday against PNM and their schemes to keep burning coal, WildEarth Guardians received a letter from the company’s corporate counsel, Madonna Bixby.

Of all things, Ms. Bixby asked us to “immediately” remove a presentation that we posted in a November 6th blog post detailing PNM’s plans to force ratepayers to cover the costs of operating the coal burning San Juan Generating Station, no matter how unreasonable or imprudent.

In case you need a refresher, here’s the presentation.

Not only did the letter ask us to take down the presentation, but it asked us to destroy any hard copies we might have in our possession.

It’s classic corporate scare tactics.

Because the fact is, we had and continue to have every right to post and distribute PNM’s presentation on this blog.  Despite being labeled “confidential,” the presentation in question was distributed by PNM to various stakeholders outside of the company.  That’s how WildEarth Guardians obtained it in the first place.

And that’s why any claim that the presentation is somehow “proprietary” or “confidential” is simply unfounded.  PNM shared this information already and we’re just sharing alike.

But although PNM has some nerve to try to pressure us to take down their presentation and keep their forced rate recovery scheme a secret, it just seems to be another example of the lengths the company is going to undermine a safe and healthy environment in New Mexico.

Not only are they fighting a clean air plan for the San Juan Generating Station, they’re also opposing greenhouse gas regulation in New Mexico.  And as far as progress toward meeting New Mexico’s modest renewable energy standard, PNM’s track record is pitiful–the company isn’t even on track to meet a 2012 goal of deriving 10% of its electricity from renewable sources, even though other utilities are already meeting this goal.

So no, we’re not going to take down PNM’s presentation and we’re not going to stop talking about how the company is proposing to force ratepayers to cover the mounting costs of the San Juan Generating Station.

And we’re not going stop calling on PNM to move beyond coal to clean energy until they actually do it.  Our future is too important to lose to corporate scare tactics.

WildEarth Guardians delivers the message to PNM.