Climate + Energy

How Would you Vote?

President Obama’s environmental record is discouraging support from a key constituency.  But really, how would you vote if his environmental record was put to the test today?  Let me know.

And just one more observation.  Actually, another question.  What does Obama have to lose by sticking his neck out for the environment?  The reality is environmental regulations are yielding more benefits than costs to this country (take, for example, the 30 to 1 benefit to cost ratio of the Clean Air Act–in other words, for every dollar spent reducing pollution, we reap $30 in return), they’re creating jobs (somebody’s got to produce, install, operate, and maintain the technology to keep the environment clean), they’re making peoples’ lives better (I’ve never heard of a kid who enjoyed asthma attacks), and hell, the public actually overwhelmingly supports environmental safeguards time and time again (take this most recent poll from NRDC).

Call me crazy, but it looks like Obama really has much to gain by standing firm on environmental protection.