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Monster Kill the Environment Bill

How bad is the U.S. House of Representatives’ attack on the environment?

So bad, they’re even proposing to ban energy efficient light bulbs.

That’s why we’re calling the collective bunch of anti-environmental legislative riders being considered by the House the “Monster Kill the Environment Bill.”

It’s more than appropriate.  As our friends at NRDC have exposed, there are nearly 50 anti-environmental riders that attack everything from clean water and clear air to healthy wildlife and wild places.  Among the lowlights:

A rider in the Interior and Environment appropriation (Title V) offered by Rep. Simpson would permanently exempt pesticide application from the Clean Water Act.

A rider in the Interior and Environment appropriation (Sec. 441) offered by Rep. Simpson would permanently require the EPA to accept certain state plans for enforcing the Clean Air Act even when the EPA determines the state plans will not reduce pollution as the Act requires.

A rider in the Energy and Water appropriation offered by Rep. Mike Burgess (R-TX) would block the enforcement of the standard requiring light bulbs to be more efficient.

A rider in the Interior and Environment appropriation (Sec. 450) offered by Rep. Dennis Rehberg (R-MT) would block the EPA from enforcing rules to limit exposure to lead paint.

It’s no exaggeration, this literally is the monster of all anti-environmental bills.

And sadly, many of these riders are likely to pass the House, which seems hellbent on sacrificing the environment under the guise of “sound fiscal policy.”

It’s all the more sad because time and time again, we find that environmental safeguards provide some of the most significant financial gain for our country.  Take the Clean Air Act, which the Environmental Protection Agency estimates has a benefit to cost ratio of 30:1.  In other words, for every dollar spent cleaning the air, we reap $30 in return.

That’s why WildEarth Guardians put out an alert today calling on the Senate to stand strong in opposing efforts by the House to massacre our health and the environment.  Please lend your voice if you haven’t already, tell your Senator to stand strong against the Monster Kill the Environment Bill.

With so much on the chopping block, we have to be ultra vigilant right now.  As I blogged before, even Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO), normally an ardent supporter of the environment, voted to strip EPA of its ability to regulate toxic coal ash.

The Monster Kill the Environment Bill is beyond outrageous.  Take action today to defeat it.