EPA Caves into Interior Department

I previously blogged about the Interior Department’s efforts to pressure the Environmental Protection Agency to delay cleaning up the Navajo Generating Station.

Sadly, EPA quickly caved in, promising the Interior Department that it would not take action until after the end of 2011.

The eagerness of EPA’s response is incredible when you think about it.  Most people plead with EPA to do more to protect the environment and public health and they’re lucky to get a response.  Hell, WildEarth Guardians usually has to sue the EPA to get them to respond to anything.   Here, EPA granted Interior’s request not to protect the environment in a mere six days.

Once again, the EPA has shown a disturbing willingness to bend over backward for polluters like the Interior Department and to keep the environment and public health waiting in the backseat.  It’s not a good sign, especially when it comes from an agency whose sole mission is to protect the environment.

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